Temporary Retail Hiring Boom Anticipated

Temporary Retail Hiring Boom Anticipated

Temporary staffing for retailers around the country is expected to boom in the coming months, at the highest levels since 2011.

2011 brought a sharp upswing in retail employment, after having hit bottom from the recession. Unemployment and stagnant wages in other sectors meant less consumer spending, and obviously less need for seasonal or other part-time staff in retail.

However, as spending increased, so too did temporary retail hiring. Now is the time to consider a temporary retail position. The CareerCast Retail Network's database of jobs include listing specifically tailored to those seeking a temporary position.

Temporary jobs can be a great way to make extra money with the holiday season right around the corner, or to recoup expenses from that big, summer vacation. But a temporary gig can also translate into something longer term down the road.

With temporary hiring increases in 2011, the retail industry has returned a higher percentage of workers than any industry except healthcare or information technology.

In fact, retail employment has been on a steady incline over the last four years since the last temporary hiring boom. The anticipated increase in employment for the coming months spells good things for the industry's longer term future.