National Study Finds Employers Value Those With Retail Experience

National Study Finds Employers Value Those With Retail Experience

A job in retailing just might be the most valuable stepping stone one can traverse in her/his career path, regardless of industry.

That's what a study conducted by the National Retail Federation finds. The NRF reports 71% of hiring managers survey said they, "overwhelmingly believe that retail experience develops the skills and traits they seek in prospective job candidates."

Such skills, including organizational practices and customer service, are in demand throughout a variety of sectors.

Given the retail industry is the highest volume employer of any in the United States, this is great news for those working in retail as a means of making extra money or simply filling gaps in a resume.

However, entry-level retail jobs are not just a means to an end in another field. Opportunities for upward mobility in the retail industry help employers retain high-quality workers.

A college friend pursuing a degree in finance worked in entry-level retail for a national chain, initially to earn spending money. As she learned more about the organization, it became a full-time career option once she graduated, and she now holds a corporate managerial position within the same company.

Such opportunities exist within the industry -- and if climbing the retailing ladder is not your ultimate motivation, retail can at least help you do so in another field.


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