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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Skills Retail Employers Seek
Full-time job opportunities are increasing in the retail sector, which is a nice change for job seekers in an industry where hiring temporary workers during peak seasons is the norm. Of course, that doesn't mean that retail employers are lowering their expectations for new hires. In fact, most have used the recent downturn to raise their requirements to boost the quality of the candidates they recruit and hire. Unfortunately, retail is no different than most other industry sectors. Retailers are expected to follow specific guidelines that ensure they find over-qualified staff who are able to handle a wide variety of ...
Personal Touch Still Essential For Retailers
The shopping habits of today’s consumers have changed; retailers must be able to provide the product information they want through one or more of the marketing channels they may frequent — and all of those communications must be consistent with the physical in-store experience. That means new merchandising tactics are being embraced by industry leaders who are turning to digital signage to enhance the shopper experience and achieve competitive differentiation. For many brands and retailers, the way to do this is through increased use of digital signage. Simply put, it allows retailers to create a sense of relevance and personal ...
Consumer Confidence Bumps Retail Hiring
As consumer confidence rises amid the economic recovery, more job opportunities are being created in the retail sector, according to the experts who follow the industry. Retail hiring over the 2012 holiday season was the industry’s highest in six years, and retailers are continuing their employment growth through the winter and into the spring, the Associated Press reports. In fact, retail hiring grew strongly in early 2013, with employers adding 24,000 new retail sector jobs in February alone, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) . Career Counselors agree that this is a great time for job seekers to get ...
Advances in Mobile Technology Will Impact Retail
Recent announcements that Apple will partner with IBM to release more than 100 mobile iOS applications tailored to work with IBM’s data analytics and cloud services, and that Microsoft will focus on digital work innovation in its smartphone segment, serve as reminders that mobile devices are continuing to evolve. Increasingly, mobile devices are offering features that make it easier for retailers to position advanced computational and analytical power at the point of customer contact. Here are three ways upcoming changes in the capabilities of mobile devices will affect retail. 1. The Store Gains Importance In recent years, retailers have realized ...
Working Up Through The Retail Industry
The most readily available jobs in retailing are those that pay the least and have limited upward mobility, primarily because they require fewer skills. However, landing one of those jobs can be an invaluable foothold into the industry. Retail outlets often have a hierarchy that provides greater management opportunities and higher pay as you invest more time in the business, and the number of qualified candidates falls. For example, here are average salary and employment estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for four of the most typical retail industry jobs: Cashiers: $18,500/year median salary; 2.7 million employees Retail Salespersons: ...
Retailing Today Examines Best Retailers Of 2014
The retail industry has been studied from a lot of different angles, but we believe the exclusive research contained in this report offers a unique perspective on suppliers’ perceptions of the retail industry overall and their views on business practices of many of the nation’s largest retailers. Retailing Today surveyed 332 supplier company representatives concentrated in the food, consumables, health-and-wellness, beauty, general merchandise and entertainment categories to determine the 10 best employers with which to work in 2014. CONTINUE READING AT RETAILING TODAY
Examining The Current Cycle Of Retailing
Retail innovation cycles last approximately 20 years. As we take a look at retail history, this cycle becomes self-evident. From the general store to department stores to discount stores and so forth, each variety has their day in the sun as the leading channel for most purchases. Today, we’re lucky enough to be living within two powerful cycles simultaneously. But the fun will soon come to an end. In early December, I was engaged on my annual “slash & grab” Christmas shopping excursion. It’s the one day of the year where I aggressively visit a variety of stores and web ...
Allowing Customers To Negotiate Can Boost E-Commerce Sales
E-commerce has changed the way consumers purchase products, but until very recently, the basic structure of the transaction and sale itself hadn’t evolved much: People browse for products they want, compare prices across sites, maybe submit a code for a discount coupon if they have one and make a purchase. But a recent development points to a big change on the horizon for ecommerce, and the symptom is the massive sales growth achieved by major retailers who have embraced the new model. The new model is already being used today by top retailers like Sears. It bridges the gap between ...
Retail Adds To Employment Market Growth
U.S. employers added 165,000 jobs in April, bringing the official unemployment rate down to 7.5 percent. The retail trade accounted for 29,000 new jobs. Employment has grown by 1.6 percent across the country over the past year, a gain of more than 2 million jobs after seasonal adjustments, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Private-sector job growth alone has been even stronger, up nearly 2 percent. The industries gaining the most jobs were professional and business services, food services and drinking places, retail trade, and health care. CONTINUE READING AT AL.COM