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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Holiday Retail Hiring Has A High Bar To Meet 2012 Levels
Major retailers were so optimistic heading into the 2012 Christmas shopping season that they will find it difficult to match that 12-year high -- 751,8000 workers added between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 last year. Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., the Chicago outplacement consultancy, cited "shaky consumer confidence and increased efficiencies among retailers" as reasons stores are expected to hire about the same or fewer than last year. "With many retailers already starting holiday-themed ads and breaking out Christmas decorations in stores, those hoping to get in on the seasonal hiring push should act early," it said in a statement ...
Temporary Retail Hiring Boom Anticipated
Temporary staffing for retailers around the country is expected to boom in the coming months, at the highest levels since 2011. 2011 brought a sharp upswing in retail employment, after having hit bottom from the recession. Unemployment and stagnant wages in other sectors meant less consumer spending, and obviously less need for seasonal or other part-time staff in retail. However, as spending increased, so too did temporary retail hiring. Now is the time to consider a temporary retail position. The CareerCast Retail Network's database of jobs include listing specifically tailored to those seeking a temporary position. Temporary jobs can be ...
Online Retail Sales Help Fuel Big Rise
U.S. consumers ramped up spending in November on cars, appliances and furniture and made more purchases online, signaling growing confidence in the economy at the start of the holiday shopping season. The Commerce Department said Thursday that retail sales rose 0.7 percent, the biggest gain in five months. October's figure was also revised higher to 0.6 percent. Two straight months of healthy sales suggest steady hiring is encouraging Americans to spend more this holiday season, particularly on big-ticket items. That could give a critical boost to the economic growth. CONTINUE READING AT TULSA WORLD
Importance Of Packaging Logistics For Retailers
Omni-channel strategies are helping chain stores compete with pure-play e-commerce retailers, but it is also driving major changes in their e-commerce logistics models. packaging engineering is not typically part of most supply chain organizations’ strategy and physical distribution is not taken into consideration when designing consumer packaging. Traditionally, the focus is on consumer appeal, as expected, but retail supply chain specialists should be taking a closer look at packaging design as another way to optimize the supply chain. CONTINUE READING AT CHAIN STORE AGE
The Myths of Working in a Retailing Job
Retail openings can be found from the tiniest boutique to the largest big-box national chain. Customers in smaller stores and fashionable department stores expect individual attention, while customers shopping at the likes of Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Costco expect a clean efficient environment and customer service when they need it. No matter the type of retail outlet the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of retail salespersons is expected to rise 17% through 2020. Yet many job seekers hang on to misperceptions about jobs in the retail sector, which can prevent them from landing a new job. Those myths ...
How To Move Up In The Retail Industry
Phil Hendrickson, strategic recruiting professional at Apple, provides insight into moving up in the retail industry. "Networking is so important," he says. "It’s a great way to meet people who are a few years ahead of you in their careers; they can provide advice and guidance –- learn from their mistakes, and [find out] what they would have done differently." Takeaway tip: It never hurts to set up interview lunches. Take someone to lunch and tap into their experience and expertise. Learn about how they manage their careers and grew into their roles. All it costs is lunch! You may ...
Skills Retail Employers Seek
Full-time job opportunities are increasing in the retail sector, which is a nice change for job seekers in an industry where hiring temporary workers during peak seasons is the norm. Of course, that doesn't mean that retail employers are lowering their expectations for new hires. In fact, most have used the recent downturn to raise their requirements to boost the quality of the candidates they recruit and hire. Unfortunately, retail is no different than most other industry sectors. Retailers are expected to follow specific guidelines that ensure they find over-qualified staff who are able to handle a wide variety of ...
Personal Touch Still Essential For Retailers
The shopping habits of today’s consumers have changed; retailers must be able to provide the product information they want through one or more of the marketing channels they may frequent — and all of those communications must be consistent with the physical in-store experience. That means new merchandising tactics are being embraced by industry leaders who are turning to digital signage to enhance the shopper experience and achieve competitive differentiation. For many brands and retailers, the way to do this is through increased use of digital signage. Simply put, it allows retailers to create a sense of relevance and personal ...
Consumer Confidence Bumps Retail Hiring
As consumer confidence rises amid the economic recovery, more job opportunities are being created in the retail sector, according to the experts who follow the industry. Retail hiring over the 2012 holiday season was the industry’s highest in six years, and retailers are continuing their employment growth through the winter and into the spring, the Associated Press reports. In fact, retail hiring grew strongly in early 2013, with employers adding 24,000 new retail sector jobs in February alone, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) . Career Counselors agree that this is a great time for job seekers to get ...